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cloth training pants

Cloth Training Pants

When toddlers are potty training, cloth training pants become very important. These training pants are worn just like older kids wear briefs.

They have elastic on all their hems, including at the waist and where the legs pass through. Though they are called pants, they are quite short like briefs and are worn as such.

There is a specific reason why cloth training pants are worn by toddlers who are potty training. These pants have absorbent materials inside them.


If there is a potty accident, these absorbent materials become wet and the child realizes that immediately.


The discomfort of staying in these wet pants makes them remove the pants. Because a toddler tends to take this specific action, their parents can train them to move to the bathroom and remove the pants whenever the urge occurs. Child psychologists believe this kind of connection makes it very easy for kids to learn how to potty train themselves. A few accidents on the way will make them more careful in the future. 


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Good quality cloth training pants will not make the ‘accident’ visible from the outside because the absorbent material can hide the mess quite well, but the child would become uncomfortable about it and would not like the feeling to come up again.   


This is the basic principle behind how the potty training works with these training pants. Using cloth is a better option than using any other synthetic material that is available currently because it is more porous and allows the toddler’s sensitive parts to ‘breathe’. 


There is one more point to consider – why must all kids graduate from diapers to cloth training pads? The reason is because the diapers are made to absorb only a little, while cloth or cotton potty training pants can absorb more stuff. They are also much more easily removable for the older kids, because they have to be just pushed down, unlike diapers which need to be handled by someone else.



Cloth Potty Training Pants for Toddlers 


Cloth training pants can be used for children up to 10 years of age and even older. By this age the kids will have become perfectly potty trained, of course, but still some kids who have problems such as bedwetting can continue using these pants.  


The wet feeling in the night because of a bedwetting accident can make them wake up. Creating a disturbance in the sleep whenever a bedwetting accident happens in this manner is a known way to cure the problem. 


As parents, you would need to stock up on cloth training pants when your kid is getting potty trained. There is no limit to how many you must stock up on, but that will depend on the number of potty incidents your child has in a day. In any case, these pants are available in sets of 3, 6, 12, 15, etc. The usual rule applies – the higher the number of potty training pants in a packet is, the more economical it will be for the price. 


Look up online for better offers. But make sure you are buying from reputable companies because you cannot afford experimentation where your toddler’s things are concerned. 


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